Inside Dentistry, March 2006


Dear Readers:

This month marks the delivery of the fourth issue of Inside Dentistry and the passage of more than eight months since this dental journal was first conceptualized and developed. Based on the comments we’ve received ([email protected]), it is clear that this brand of communication among members of our profession is being well-received, thoroughly and critically evaluated, and continuously observed. For that, the publishers, the staff, and I thank you. We’re glad you’re actively reading and holding us accountable for maintaining the standards we established for ourselves.

Conquering the Controversial. From the beginning, the publishers of Inside Dentistry have been steadfast in their commitment to addressing those issues facing dentistry that lay in wait to be openly and candidly discussed, examined and, possibly, resolved. To this end, they and their editorial staff have surrounded themselves with some of the brightest minds in our industry—as reflected by our Editorial Board. Further, their insightful understanding of our industry has been demonstrated by the objective editorial guidance and management they provide to our authors and contributors. It is this collective diligence in framing the coverage of controversial and timely topics— as well as the clinical content—that ensures the relevancy of these comprehensive presentations to our readers.

Challenging the Conventional. A case in point is this month’s cover story, “Are Implants Your First Choice?” As I alluded to last month, dentistry has been and should continue to be an industry comprised of professionals who scrutinize and evaluate new technologies and techniques prior to integrating them into clinical treatment. Without collectively performing our due diligence, the health, safety, and well-being of our patients—and the reputation of our profession—cannot be assured. There are, however, innovations—such as dental implants—that have evolved to the extent that their safety, efficacy, and predictability can be reasonably guaranteed when appropriately applied. As the cover story explains, there are now compelling reasons why we—as providers of the standard of oral health care treatments—owe it to ourselves and our patients to consider implants as the first treatment of choice for certain indications.

Questioning the Common Knowledge. Research and development initiatives have helped dentistry evolve to a point that well-respected conventions are no longer always the only accepted treatments of choice. As part of our feature presentation, we explore this concept as it relates to implant placement as the standard of care for replacing single missing teeth and retaining lower dentures. Once considered experimental—and rightfully so, given the initial lack of evidence-based proof of their efficacy and safety—implants have demonstrated an appropriate place in dentistry for indications that have conventionally been corrected with other restorative modalities. As with all things new and different, knowledge and education are key. Where apprehension regarding the incorporation of dental implant therapy into the practice may be prohibitive, informative dialogues among professionals and education to broaden our knowledge base can contribute to a better understanding of how to best serve our patients’ needs.

Focus On…: We encourage you to read our new section, “Focus On…,” a uniquely focused column we’re introducing to Inside Dentistry that will provide you with an overview of a specific dental product category each month. In this issue, we examine the array of handpieces available in the dental marketplace today so that you can best determine which will be most suitable for your practice and your needs.

As always, we hope you’ll enjoy this issue of Inside Dentistry and forward your thoughts, opinions, and reactions to our clinical content and editorial coverage at [email protected]. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your continued support.

With warm regards,

Gerard Kugel, DMD, MS, PhD
[email protected]