Porcelain Laminate Veneers, NJ Health Professionals Development Institute


NJ Health Professionals Development Institute
River Edge, NJ
July 13 ,2012

Porcelain Laminate Veneers Course Evaluation

“I would definitely recommend NJHPDI to other professionals” “You guys do a great job!”
“Absolutely recommend NJHPDI and this course”
“Excellent classroom”
“Very comfortable chairs”
“Very efficient staff”
“staff was very helpful”

“Dr Kugel was very engaging”
“Dr. Kugel was very responsive and friendly”
“Dr. Kugel was easy to approach and helpful”
“Amazing lecturer”
“Excellent lecturer – so funny!”
“There was lots of opportunity to speak with Dr. Kugel”

“The hands-on portion was very good” “I learned how to prep a veneer”
“hands-on was great”
“Hands-on was informative”
“Hands-on portion was well set and helpful”
“I learned how to do a good prep & check occlusion before”
“I learned an easier way to make temps”
“I learned about the reduction guide!”
“I learned techniques for making better veneers”
“I learned veneer tips”
“I am now more confident to start veneers”
“I am now more knowledgeable about veneers”
“I will definitely use these skills”
“I definitely improved my technique with Dr. Kugel’s tips”

“Interaction with Ivolcar was good”
“Positive interaction with Rich from Ivolcar”
“Sponsor was very helpful and friendly”
“Sponsor was great”
“Sponsor didn’t do much”

“The only improvement would be if we could have a model to take to our office”
“Hands on portion was good — I wish we could do hands-on cementation”

“This was an excellent class”
“I liked the small size and individual attention”